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 My Dog Scoobie Doo had treatments on his joints by Dr. Tebbe a few months ago, and Scoobie is doing Super Great!!! It is amazing how he went to hardly being able to walk, to running like a deer again! I have a friend in New York who has a Rottweiler(Dutchess) and found out she has hip dysplasia. My friend doesn’t want to do any surgery on Dutchess, which I am glad to hear, but she said she is just going to do glucosamine. Could You Please tell me if there is information online that I could send her describing the sonic wave treatment that You did for Scoobie? Thank You so much Dr. Tebbe!! Kathleen Johnson



Dr. Tebbie, Marggie,  and all,
    Bear is perkier than ever.  She even jumped off the seat of the motor home without any assistance.   She gets down the 4 steps of the motor home easier now.
     At home Bear will go down the porch steps without any assistance!  She is much more playful and seems to want to do things.   She STILL chases the barn cats but now she is much faster and can see them at a distance.  (The barn cats aren’t too happy with this change.   If they didn’t run she wouldn’t chase them.  Too Bear’s dissappointment, a couple of the old females have figured this out.)
      Beardoes not like getting the eye drops but, she seems to be able to SEE the bottom two steps in our house now, so she is getting them.
   Bob and I are amazed at the change in Bear.  It seems so fast!  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU TLC.   You are a good group of people.   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
                                                               Thanks again,
                                                                Bob & Mary


I am writing this with the deepest appreciation to Dr.Tebbe and his entire staff. On Feb 6th my 5lb Minpin “Bentley” was attacked by a neighbors dogs. When we got the call my mom and I rushed home to find Bentley in shock and torn apart, it was horrible to see but little did we know it was worse than we ever could have imagined. This was on a Sat after hours and when I called Dr.Tebbe’s emergency line he told me without hesitation to meet him at the clinic. From the moment we got there Dr.Tebbe was amazing with Bentley and just as compassionate with us knowing that we were distraught. After getting Bentley stabilized Dr.Teebe let us know that Bentley had a broken neck, punctured lung, broken rib, bruised kidney’s, and the skin on his entire back was torn off the muscle. Dr.Tebbe gave Bentley a 60/40 chance of living through the night. Amazingly Dr.Tebbe offered to take Bentley home with him and his wife to provide him with 24hr professional care. As much as it broke my heart to leave Bentley I knew it was the best thing for him. Dr.Tebbe and his wife were up through the night keeping Bentley comfortable and stable. The following morning Dr.Tebbe called to let me know that Bentley was doing well and that his wife was making Bentley scrambled eggs! Our hearts were filled with gratitude…. A big thank you also to Dr.Tebbe and his wifes Lab Delaney for comforting my little man Bentley through a night away from home. Dr.Tebbe and his wife have compassion beyond words! I know without a doubt they saved Bentleys life and I will be forever grateful. Bentley is on the mend and back to his joyful little self! I would tell anyone who loves their animals that Dr.Tebbe is not just a Vet, but kind gentle man with a huge heart that works magic!

Thank you again to everyone at High Country Pet Clinic for everything you have done for us!

 With much love,


Dallas, Candy and Bentley!





I just wanted to let Dr. Tebbe know that my dachshund, Alex, is walking & even running after being treated by Shockwave therapy. As you may recall, she could barely move & had been evaluated in Phoenix by Sonoran Veterinary Specialists. She was not a candidate for spine surgery. We had good results after the first Shockwave session & decided to have a second one after 6-8 weeks. After the 2nd treatment, she gradually improved over an 8 month period. She is 13 1/2 now & chases the puppies & runs to the barn & back with me. Thanks so much for bringing this therapy to rural AZ & for helping my little friend. Ann Sedona AZ

I want to thank you so much for fitting my sick dog in your schedule. Thanks to you she is back to herself again, plaing ball and being a goof. I will highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you again. Tammy and Diara


Dear Dr. Tebbe,

Bear, as you recall is a 93 lb, 7 year old, registered English Black Lab that was having arthritis pain in her hips and shoulders. She was taking 75 mg caplets of Rimadyl 2X’s a day for the pain. Bear was having trouble walking any distance and sometimes had to have help going up and down stairs. Her daily outings were 2 trips a day riding around the farm on the floor of the gator sniffing the ground. She was even loosing her interest in her favorite game of chasing the barn cats. She never hurt the cats but she did enjoy the chase. Bears hind feet almost tracked in the same track. When she stood her back feet touched each other. Some days she limped from pain in her front right shoulder and other days the limp was caused by pain in her hips. I was at the point of wondering how long I could stand watching my Bear going through such pain and discomfort. My husband and I have spoiled bear rotten and she is part of our family. I shuddered at my thoughts. Friends of ours had retired and moved to Prescott Valley where they found Dr. Tebbe for their pet Molly. After their glowing recommendation I checked into shock wave therapy. Bear’s vet said he didn’t know if shock wave therapy would help but he didn’t see where it would hurt. He said some people believed in alternative medicine.On 3/1/10 Dr. Tebbe treated Bear with Shock Wave Therapy. He was correct when he told me that Bear would not feel the pain. Bear was not particularly happy about 4 people holding her down, but she wasn’t showing any sign of pain. Immediately after the therapy she showed signs of improvement. Bear has steadily improved since the treatment. She showed more interest for walking and even at one point she hopped playfully around with her ears perked-up in playful interest.  Now when she stands, her hind feet appear to be the width of her hips apart. She hasn’t had the need to have help down the porch stairs to do her nightly duties. I have walked her across the field to the ditch. I don’t know if you have ever seen a Lab smile, but when she went into the cold water in the ditch and laid down she was HAPPY. (I haven’t seen that in a very long time.) She even walked back across the field to home. She was tired but not in pain. I expect to eventually build her back up to the 2 mile trip around the farm. I’m even anticipating making the trip 2X’s a day.

Bear no longer takes the Rimadyl 2X’s a day. As Dr. Tebbe told me, every now and again Bear would feel pain from bone spurs that would break off. Wait them out. They would dissolve and she would be fine again. When Bear shows pain I give her a Rimadyl and wait. She pops back to feeling fine again. Bear has had 1 Rimadyl about 3 different times since the therapy. Bear has shown her playful side that I was afraid I would never see again. The old dog that I took to Dr. Tebbe has reverted back to the loveable, playful, barn cat chasing joy that I call Bear.


Thank you Dr. Tebbe.


Respectfully yours,

Mary A Kochendorfer

4/29/10update: Bear went to her Vet for her regular heart worm test.  She has lost weight.  She weighs 87 lbs now.  She walks much much better and shows her playful side more often.  She is NOT taking any kind of pain medication. She still chases the barn cats, but she is much more vigorous and enjoys the chase more.  —The Barn Cats, not so much.

Twice a day Bear and I go out back on the farm.  We ride the Gator and walk. This morning we walked a full mile.Bear’s hair is slowly growing back and we are being careful she doesn’t get sunburn.  Yes I know, it’s suprising but we actually do get the sun in MI now and again.

We would, once again, like to thank Dr. Tebbe and High Country Pet Clinic for the TLC. You have improved our quality of life and increased our enjoyment of being active.  We expect to actually live longer because we now can move without pain.

Respectfully yours,

Mary A Kochendorfer

ps Bear is showing interest in squirels again.  Yep you guessed it, Bear likes chasing them too.  She doesn’t do anything to them if she catches up with them, she just enjoys the chase.

Hi…..     Here it is JULY already.  Bear’s hair is pretty much grown back.  She has her nose in the air or to the ground checking out all the “terrific smells” she finds out back.  This dog has a “new lease on life.”  She is happy and more active than she has been in a long long time.     Thank you again for all your caring and help you have given us.  It feels like a “miracle!”


Mary Kochendorfer & Bear


“Hurrah for shockwave treatments!!! My dog, Angus, is a new man! He has no pain, walks and runs, and can sit when asked to. A totally new dog. He’s lost 7 lbs. from running after rabbits, etc. Now, if the AMA and FDA would just approve shockwave treatments for us humans! ” Annie and Art